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A California Christmas Story

A California Christmas Story

Christmas is soon going to be here, so why not enjoy this little story to help you decide what you want to do to celebrate the season.


Jim never visited California before, but his business insisted he needed to fly out for a meeting with a potential client. He was a bit bummed out that he would be away from familiar surroundings for the holiday, but thankfully he didn’t have any pressing issues at home that required that he stay. He decided to make the best of the situation.

Jim’s friends had told him stories about how they had hired strippers to keep them company whenever they travel. Since Jim didn’t often travel, he never got around to thinking about this prospect. This time, however, he thought he may partake in the premise. After all, the holidays alone didn’t sound all that enticing.

A session on the laptop brought about some interesting sites that intrigued Jim. He selected one and browsed the photographs of prospective women available for dating. He found one that reminded him of his high school girlfriend and was instantly turned on. If that was how he was going to feel from a picture, imagine what would happen when he saw her in person? He emailed her and awaited her response.

Jim received an email back within an hour. The woman he found for his date was available that night. She wanted to know if he was interested. Of course, he said yes.

His date showed up dressed in red and white for the season. She asked him what he would like to do. His response was that he’d like to see some of the city with her by his side. She recommended a fine restaurant, and they grabbed a bite to eat and got to know each other better through conversation. Afterward, they decided to spend some time at a nightclub with a great disc jockey. After dancing and drinking for a while, his date whispered that she’d like to get him back to his place for some Christmas cheer without others around. 

Jim wasn’t sure what to expect. Of course, he said yes.

This was the best move Jim could make. What happened that night made Christmas his favorite holiday by far. It included some stripping, a naughty lapdance, a sultry and steamy full-body massage completely in the nude…his date included, and so much more. 

Jim realized that he needed to be pampered. Christmastime is a time for sharing and positivity. He had exactly these things by spending the holiday with a woman who cared about his needs and desires. He now encourages new friends who need to travel to consider hiring a stripper. Sharing is caring, right? 


Don’t spend your Christmas alone if you are visiting San Diego. There’s a woman out there who will help you pass your time with exciting activities. Call or email today to schedule a date to make you experience the Merriest of Christmases ever.

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