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Divorce Parties Are The New Bachelor Parties

Divorce Parties Are The New Bachelor Parties

Most people go all out with celebrations when they get married. Bachelor and bachelorette parties are thrown and guests have fun spending time with the soon to be married. What about when a couple splits for good though? Divorce used to be something people kept under wraps, but in recent decades, those who are finally freed from marriages gone wrong believe they deserve parties as well. If you or someone you know is going through a divorce, consider throwing a shindig when the event is finalized. Here is how a divorce party, complete with strippers, is conducted.

Invite Participants To A Designated Location

Send out invitations to those who are close to the newly-divorced party to alert them there is a party to be thrown for the event. This is not a sad event by any means. Use humor to let attendees know that the event is a celebration for a new time in the guest of honor’s life and that they are truly happy about their new status. The same venues used for bachelor/bachelorette parties work well. A party can be thrown at a hotel, bar, restaurant, or private home. You can even throw a party at an entertainment establishment, such as a nightclub, strip club, bowling alley, or golf course. Anything goes!

Make Sure To Have The Right Entertainment

When a bunch of guys get together to celebrate a finalized divorce, there is a definite need for sexy women to be present as well. The best way to achieve this is with the hiring of strippers. Each attendee will get an eye full of scantily clad women in all their glory…and then some! Strippers know how to get a party moving and will add an intimate factor to the event. Guests will enjoy watching them move and groove to upbeat music, and they will have the opportunity for some private dances as well. Make sure to hire enough women to go around!

Keep The Party Going After The Celebration Draws To A Close

There is no need to stop the divorce party when an event hall says it is time to end. Strippers are available to head to any location desired well after the main event commences. The guest of honor may even want to bring a woman or two back to his own place for a nightcap. This is the perfect way to celebrate the ending of a marriage that didn’t work out favorably. Imagine having a gorgeous woman available at your beck and call to provide you with private dances, massage, and more in the comfort of your home or hotel room. There’s nothing better than this to start off on the right foot as a single man with his whole life ahead of him to enjoy as he wishes!

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