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Lisa Is An Exhibitionist And Really Loves To Perform For you

Lisa Is An Exhibitionist And Really Loves To Perform For you

Do you enjoy watching strippers? Have you ever thought about hiring a personal stripper to give you a private showing? I’m Lisa and I am a stripper for hire ready to showcase my assets to you in all their glory. I’m really into giving performances and can’t wait to hear from you! Here’s what will happen during our date.

I’ll Show Up Ready For Fun

Before we get into the strip teasing part of the date, I really want to be pampered beforehand. This gets me into the mood for more. Please bring me out on the town to show me off to others. I really get into having guys watch me and I hope you don’t mind that I’ll probably be the center of attention wherever we go. You’ll get a kick out of it, I think. Mainly because you’ll be the one that gets to see me completely nude…not them. Plus I will give all of my attention to you and I won’t pay any to those people who watch. That’s all part of the fun! Let’s enjoy dinner, drinks, dancing, or another form of entertainment out in public first.

I’ll Show You What I’ve Got

I love to strip. I used to work for a strip club. I have plenty of awesome moves to show to you and I think you’ll really like what you see. If you have a source of music, I’ll have you put on something slow and sexy. Slow dancing is my specialty. Once I get all of that clothing off, then we can switch it to something faster so you can watch my body bounce and jiggle as I move around. Before that though, slow is the way. Every piece taken off slowly an deliberately. Me moving around right in front of you. Wow, can you feel the excitement yet?

We Will Go Even Further

When I’m totally nude, the date can go in any direction. This is all up to you, of course. I’d love if you stripped along with me. Letting go of your inhibitions and taking it all off together is such a turn on. I’ll get on your lap and give you a nude lapdance after you are stripped down. Imagine that? Skin on skin and dancing? So very sexy. We can take our date to the bed and cuddle under the covers. I can give you a full body massage to work out all the kinks and aches. That’s also a sexy experience that can lead us to so much more. My bottom line is I want you to watch me take everything off and appreciate my body. I want you to share the night and have an intimate time that no one else knows about. I’m all yours for the taking and all you have to do to have time with me, is call!

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