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San Diego Bachelor Party Strippers

San Diego Bachelor Party Strippers

How to Book Strippers for a Bachelor Party

Let’s be honest, when it comes to bachelor parties, the first thing that most men think of is strippers. Yep, nothing says “I’m about to get married” like a strange naked woman dancing all over the groom.

Of course, a pole and tassel themed stag night isn’t for every guy. As best man, it’s your job to find out what kind of bachelor party is suitable for your buddy…and his bride to be. Naturally, you want to give your best friend a proper send-off into married life, but not at the cost of ruining the mood of the wedding if his fiancée finds out what went down during the bachelor party.

Alas, if live entertainment is acceptable, then dammit, that’s what the groom’s going to get. If this is the first time you’ll be planning this type of event, here are some tips to help you perfect the nudie party.


Whether it’s going to a strip club or bringing the entertainment to a home or hotel room, strippers can perform pretty much anywhere. Of course, it’s always nice if a pole is available. (No pole? Worst case scenario: Make the groom double as the pole.)

  • If you’re going to a strip club, research what’s legal in your area. You may have to travel a long distance if you’re looking for a “bare all” club, as they’re outlawed in many cities/counties.
  • If using a hotel room, whatever you do, don’t tell the hotel employees that strippers are coming! This may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many idiots out there have done so and been kicked out.


The best call-in girls generally are booked up to months in advance. So, as the best man, you really need to bring your A game when planning the bachelor party. It’s never too early to book the entertainment. We recommend having the details finalized at least three months in advance.

Do your homework and check out several different services. Some agencies will have websites or can provide you with photos, but it’s important to rely on recommendations so you can be sure about what you’re getting.


Never has the statement “you get what you pay for” been as true as it is when dealing with strippers. Sure, you can get a stripper to perform for $50/hour, but don’t be surprised when a girl named “Gus” shows up and wants to give the groom a foot massage. The top strippers can range up to $300/hour. This should prompt another obvious question: “How much do you like the groom?”

Note that when the girls arrive, their manager or “stripper pimp” will usually ask for payment up front. It’s also normal for the girls to ask if you’d like any extra optional services they offer. Just remember that these costs are added to their hourly fee.


It goes without saying that strippers expect generous tips during and after their performances. Make sure the bachelor party guest list is aware of this. If they choose to be cheap-skates, it’s up to you to cover the tip. Tell them to bring the big bills if they want a good show and NEVER, under any circumstance, ask a stripper for change! lol


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